Food Intolerance

25 July 2017
Food intolerance, delayed effects A big difference between food allergies and food intolerances Affliction of our century, food intolerances affect more and more people. Almost 20% of the world’s population will be affected at one time or another in his/her life by [...]

Food Allergies

23 August 2016
When food allergies complicate the daily life As it has been seen over the years, food allergies (specifically to certain proteins) continue to develop in the world's population; children being mainly affected by these food allergies even from an early age. Consequently, all [...]


8 August 2016
Diabetes, a worldwide scourge And yes, talking about diabetes today is already thinking about tomorrow. The number of people with diabetes in the world already amounted to more than 150 million people about twenty years ago. The figures are alarming, that number will have [...]