Private Blood Tests & Analysis in Montreal, Laval & more!

E-Zlab Health Services offers remote blood work and medical test services without the hassle of leaving your home or office.

We offer a wide range of medical sampling services including genetic testing, pregnancy tests, allergy testing, complete blood profile tests and more.

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Test Sampling

Our team of licensed and specialized nurses can visit you anytime and anywhere you chose to receive us. We offer convenient and flexible medical testing services 24/7 on appointment, whether at home or work. Get accurate results without ever leaving your space.

Medical Laboratory

E-Zlab offers blood work and other medical tests that meets the official norms of the Ministry of Health & Social Affairs of Quebec (MSSS) as well as those of Public Health of Quebec Laboratories (LSPQ) in cooperation with a renowned certified medical laboratory.

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How it Works

in 3 Easy Steps

Easily get blood sample drawn or accurate medical test results from the comfort of home or work in just three steps.


A Prescription

Most of our tests require a medical prescription by any practicing doctor in the province of Quebec. These prescriptions are mandatory in order to proceed with the requested medical tests or blood sampling.


An Appointment

Call our customer support line to learn about our fees, what conditions need to be in place before blood sampling (fasting), and to schedule a date and time for your appointment either at your home, your work or our clinic.


Timely Results

The samples collected during your appointment will subsequently be sent to the lab for analysis and the results will be sent directly to your doctor. Test results are available within 24 hours unless informed otherwise.

Our Medical Sampling Services

Save time and get reliable results with our safe, efficient, and convenient at-home and at-work medical sampling services by experienced nurses.

Why Choose E-Zlab Health Services?

Discover what sets us apart and why our clients choose us for their at-home medical testing and analysis needs.

Medical Testing

E-Zlab Health Services offers remote blood work and medical test services without the hassle of leaving your home or office. It is an easy and practical way of completing your annual blood work on a 24/7 basis wherever you may be.

Team of Healthcare Professionals

Our team of licensed and specialized nurses are members of many different orders (OIIQ, OIIAQ, OPTMQ). Our team of health care professionals has many years of practical experience in hospitals throughout Quebec and in all aspects of lab analysis.

Compassion and Accuracy

E-Zlab would like to assure you that all our services are given with compassion, care and accuracy during the procedure. We know your health is a priority and guarantee special attention to meet your expectations in terms of professional services.

Blood & Medical Tests

Wherever You May Be!