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Test Cytomegalovirus (CMV) IGG AND IGM

An infection-causing virus, particularily in case of people with a weak immune system (the immunosuppressed persons). The virus called cytomegalovirus belongs to the herpes virus family. An infected pregnant woman can transmit the cytomegalovirus to her fetus.

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No fasting needed.

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The transmission can occur by the direct contact with blood, saliva, vaginal secretions, maternal milk, semen or tears. There has been no treatment for pregnant women so far. The AIDS-suffering persons can receive a very strong antiviral treatment, but it seems to lack efficiency for the cytomegalovirus.

A disorder at the neurological system, the loss of hearing, intestinal and hepatic troubles are likely to arise in the fetus of the pregnant women infected by this virus.

Complementary tests : HIV, CMV, EBV, Herpes simplex.

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