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Test Hepatitis A, IgG antibodies

A blood test carried out to confirm the presence of a former infection against Hepatitis A. The IgG antibodies of the Hepatitis A virus are present in the body of a person for a long time, which confirms that that person had contact with the Hepatitis A virus and is therefore immunized, because the antibodies are present.

This medical test can be requested by a physician after a vaccination against Hepatitis A (the HavrixMD vaccine).

Testing moment

No fasting needed.

Low values causes
  • Negative result
  • No contact with the Hepatitis A virus
High values causes
  • Positive result
  • The presence of antibodies in case of a recent vaccination

A blood test prescribed as a result of a vaccination against Hepatitis A. One can be infected with the Hepatitis A virus from food, water or by an infected person. Vaccination remains the best means of prevention against this viral hepatic infection (the HavrixMD vaccine).

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