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Reticulocytes Test

The initial phase of the red cells (erythrocytes) released by the bone marrow (the not yet mature red cells).
Testing moment
There is no specific time to comply with for blood sampling performance.
Low values causes
  • Pernicious or hypotoxic anemia
High values causes
  • Anemia caused by blood loss or hemolysis (the destruction of the red cells)
How to get tested

Contact us at 514 975-5226 for a blood test at home for the purpose of evaluating your reticulocytes.

Perscription & Insurance

All our tests require a medical prescription recommended by any practicing doctor in the province of Quebec.

These prescriptions are necessary in order to proceed with either test and we urge that all medical requests originating from offices or clinics be duly identified.

All medical analysis requested by your doctor are reimbursed by a majority of private insurance companies!