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Blood Test at home & other medical analysis

E-Zlab is specialized in blood work & medical tests at home & work.

All medical analysis requested by your doctor are reimbursed by a majority of private insurance companies.

Our team of licensed and specialized nurses can visit you at home, your business or anywhere else you chose to receive us

Blood Tests & Other Laboratory Analysis Services

At E-Zlab, we provide a comprehensive list of medical tests that can be done in the comfort of your home or workplace, without the need to visit a clinic. Our experienced nurses will come to you to collect the blood samples needed for the tests, making it a convenient and stress-free process.

Our available tests include a wide range of blood tests, such as complete blood test profile, lipid panels, urinalysis and genetic testing, as well as specialized tests like allergy testing and hormone analysis.

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is here to guide you through the testing process. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive medical testing services.

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Food intolerances have become one of the most frequent problems in our society.
The kidneys enable waste extraction from blood (uric acid, urea), while retaining the essential substances for the body, in order to provide a balance among the electrolytes in the blood (chlorine, sodium, potassium) and to control the blood pressure.
Prothrombin Time or Coagulation Detection Test
A complete blood count includes a large number of medical tests.
Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by a certain loss of the bone tissue.
Estrogen and Progesterone are the hormones responsible for reproduction in women and Testosterone for men.
Hepatitis A, B or C is a liver inflammation caused by a virus.
What is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) ?
HPV is a virus, commonly called human papillomavirus.
E-Zlab Health Services offers a multitude of food allergy tests.
Celiac disease is on the rise in Quebec
There are several environmental or respiratory allergy profiles offered for Quebec.