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Arthritis tests

E-Zlab is specialized in blood work & medical tests at home & work.

Our team of licensed and specialized nurses can visit you at home, your business or anywhere else you chose to receive us

Arthritis is a disease related to our body’s joints.

In most cases, it is characterized by joint inflammation. The human body has more than 100 joints linked to the bones. The tissues that belong to the articular cavity are the most prone to inflammation. Inflammation is a natural reaction of the body to an irritated or infected tissue and takes the form of swelling, accompanied by pain and redness.

There are several forms of arthritis, such as fibromyalgia, juvenile arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, infectious arthritis, reactive arthritis, arthrosis, lupus, gout, Paget’s disease, sclerodermia and many more others.

Despite the fact that the causes of arthritis are still unknown, the fact is that an early diagnosis of the disease enables a better control of this disorder that affects thousands of people.

A set of blood tests may help detect arthritis and the hundreds of different ailments. Here is the list of the various tests offered by E-Zlab Health Services:

Uric acidC reactive proteinAntinuclear antibodies (ANA)Sedimentation rate (SR or Sedi)Rheumatoid factorAlkaline phosphatase (ALK)Complete hemogram, HLA B27, the lupus test, Anti-CCP antibodies, such complements as C2, C3, C4, CH50, CH100, Anti-DNA antibodies, A.N.A. screening, IgG and IgM antiphospholipids (Anticardiolipin antibodies), Urinalysis, Complement C3, Complement C4, CH50, Lymphocyte B (the B cells B) or CD19, (for finding cd3), Immunological markers (CD4), for finding CD8, Antibodies for the corps IgA, IgG and IgM immunoglobulins.

Perscription & Insurance

All our tests require a medical prescription recommended by any practicing doctor in the province of Quebec.

These prescriptions are necessary in order to proceed with either test and we urge that all medical requests originating from offices or clinics be duly identified.

All medical analysis requested by your doctor are reimbursed by a majority of private insurance companies!