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Diabetic Profile

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The glycemia blood test can detect diabetes early. In addition, it is useful for monitoring the diabetic person’s condition.


It is diagnosed according to the glycemia seen on an empty stomach if it is higher than 7 mmol/L* or 11 mmmol/L*, 2 hours after eating.

The symptoms that can appear are thirst, the urge to pass urine more frequently, fatigue, eyesight problems, urinary, vaginal and other infections, as well as loss of sensitivity for the extremities.

The sugar that gets accumulated in the blood may often go unnoticed, however on the long run it can cause damage to the vessels and to the nerves in the body.

There are two types of diabetes : type 1 and type 2.

Generally speaking, adequate food-related measures and regular exercise regulate the glycemia, with or without oral anti-diabetes drugs – in case of type 2 diabetes, which is the most spread (90 %). Insulin therapy is also called for in certain cases.

If we talk about insulin dependant diabetes (type 1), insulin therapy by injections must be initiated, apart from dietary changes and regular exercise.

Goals for most patients :

4.0-7.0 mmol/L in the morning, before eating, and upon going to sleep

5.0-10.0 mmol/L 2 hours after eating

* millimole/liter

Glycated hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C)

This blood test is complementary to the glycemia one on an empty stomach and to the capillary glycemias, in order to assess the diabetes control of the past 2-3 months.

It is about a measure of the hemoglobin fraction, related to the sugar in the blood of a diabetic person.

The result can be high when the diabetes is not controlled appropriately.

Optimal reference value : less than 6 %.

E-Zlab Health Services offers a wide range of blood tests at home or at work.

The diabetic persons, which often have to be on an empty stomach for their blood tests, are more vulnerable to waiting – often for a long time – in the sampling premises of the community service local centers and other health facilities. The visit of an E-Zlab registered nurse at your home can thus be a great solution, as you no longer have to go anywhere.

Please have a look at the blood tests related to diabetes, pre-diabetes and pregnancy diabetes (gestational diabetes) :

GlucoseGlycated hemoglobin (HBA1c)Urine microalbuminGTT for 2 hoursGTT for 1 hourElectrolytes : Sodium (NA), Chlorine (CL)Potassium (K)UreaCreatinine clearance (which checks up the renal function) and Creatinine, Urinalysis, tests related to the production of insulin by the pancreas : C-Peptide, Insulin, Anti-Insulin Antibodies.

Here are some diabetic profiles usually carried out :

Diabetic profile # 1 :

Glucose ACUreaCreatinine, Electrolytes: Sodium (NA)Chlorine (CL), Electrolytes: Potassium (K), Hemoglobin A1c or Glycated hemoglobinUrine microalbumin, Urinalysis.

Diabetic profile # 6 :

Glucose AC and Hemoglobin A1c or Glycated hemoglobin.

Perscription & Insurance

All our tests require a medical prescription recommended by any practicing doctor in the province of Quebec.

These prescriptions are necessary in order to proceed with either test and we urge that all medical requests originating from offices or clinics be duly identified.

All medical analysis requested by your doctor are reimbursed by a majority of private insurance companies!