Osteoporosis tests

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Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by a certain loss of the bone tissue.

If the bones have become fragile, the risk of fracturing them is high (hip, wrists and spine).

The symptoms of osteoporosis are insidious, because the loss of the bone mass appears without notice.

According to the Ostéoporose Canada organization, more than 2 million people are affected by this disease. One man out of eight and one woman out of five are in this predicament.

The consumption of calcium and vitamin D remains the best means of osteoporosis prevention, accompanied by physical exercise. Here are some food items that contain calcium and vitamin D : all dairy products, including yogurts, fatty fish, egg yolks, cheese, lentils etc.

E-Zlab Health Services offers osteoporosis counts with the help of several blood tests :

TSH, Creatinine, Alkaline phosphatase, Complete blood count (CBC), Total proteins, Protein electrophoresis, Inorganic phosphate, C reactive protein (CRP-HS), Albumin, Uric acid, Glucose, Urea (BUN), Calcium, Total proteins, ALT, GGT, Total bilirubin, Parathormone (PTH), AST, Osteocalcin, Urinary phosphate and urinary calcium.

There are also some other complementary blood tests available : Vitamin D, C-telopeptides.