Pre-menopause, post-menopause and male climacteric tests

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Estrogen and Progesterone are the hormones responsible for reproduction in women and Testosterone for men.

In men, the testicles secrete testosterone and in women the ovaries secrete it in a small amount. Both in men and in women, testosterone influences sexual desire.

For men, the male climacteric is accompanied by a drop in the level of testosterone and in case of women menopause is associated to a reduction in the levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

In general, the symptoms of the male climacteric appear in men aged between 45 and 65 years old. Menopause appears in women older than 50 years of age.

Here are some related symptoms :

Male climacteric : insomnia, erectile troubles, sexual desire (libido) diminishment, lack of energy, mood swings, excessive sweat, weight gain and others.

Menopause : hot flashes, nocturnal sweat, sleeping troubles, sexual desire (libido) diminishment, mucous membranes (at the vaginal level) dryness, mood swings and others.

The rate of various hormones can be assessed by a blood test.

E-Zlab Health Services offers a wide range of blood tests for detecting pre-menopause, menopause or even male climacteric.

Here is a list of the various tests that we offer :

FSH (follico-stimulant hormone), LH, Prolactin, TSH, Progesterone, Complete hemogram, Bio-available testosterone, Total testosterone, Cholesterol, HDL and LDL cholesterol, Triglycerides, APS or PSA, FSH (follico-stimulant hormone), LH, TSH, Free T4, DHEA-S, Androstenedione, Ca-125, Free testosterone, SHBG, Insulin, ALT and Estradiol (E2).