Pregnancy test

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Do you suspect being pregnant ? Have you undergone a urinary test purchased at a pharmacy ? Do you seem late for your period ?

Did you know that blood sampling for the HCG test is the analysis that needs performing in order to get a reliable result ? You can see your doctor for prescribing this test to you.

It will be our pleasure to send an E-ZLab registered nurse to your house for taking blood for the pregnancy test.

Beta-HCG test, serous or urinary HCG

Your doctor can prescribe an analysis called Serous Beta-HCG or Qualitative (blood or urinary) HCG in order to confirm that you really are pregnant.

The test is used to check the dosage of Beta-HCG, which is a hormone secreted by the placenta located in the uterus. Blood sampling is recommended to be performed approximately 10 days after ovulation.

If the blood dosage of Beta-HCG is positive, it is then possible to determine the moment when you got pregnant.

The registered nurses of E-Zlab Health Services can go to your home for carrying out this blood test, whose result can be notified that very day and is more accurate than a mere urinary test.

If you wish to make a last minute appointment, we will take pleasure in serving you. Simply contact our Customer Service. , Glad to be of help !