Urine collection for 24 hours

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What is urine collection for 24 hours ?

This examination consists of a complete urine collection in a time frame of 24 hours. The samples must be taken in a special container, which will be handed to you by your registered nurse and which will have additives or not. It will have to preserve your urine in the cold state all along the urinary collection.

What can be found in the urine collection for 24 hours ?

This test is used to assess the renal function.

It helps searching for several urinary elements or components. For example, in the urine we can find such chemical waste substances as potassium, sodium, urea, creatinine, proteins, minerals, as well as hormones.

The urine contains a certain amount of waste substances, but this test aims at checking whether this amount is abnormal.

Thus, by using the results, the assessment of your kidney function will help your physician set up a diagnosis or proceed to some other tests, where appropriate, for confirming it.