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Urine culture and urinalysis

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A urinalysis can be used to assess the elements or the components present in the urine.

This test enables the physician to diagnose several types of diseases or troubles (for instance urinary infection, renal problems, metabolic troubles).

What can be found in a urinalysis ?

The PH, the urine density, color and appearance, the leucocytes (the white cells), the proteins, the glucose, the bilirubin, the ketone bodies, the presence of blood in the urine, the nitrites, the urobilinogen and bacteria.

Please note that there are various analyses that can be made in the urine, which your doctor can prescribe to you. According to the prescribed test, the preparation will be explained to you by one of our registered nurses, for the procedures to be observed with an aim to provide a reliable result.

Urine Culture

Why does your doctor require a urine culture?

A urine culture is required for checking whether there is a urinary infection. It enables the diagnosis of an infection caused by bacteria or other germs present in the urine.

How is this type of test undertaken ?

The registered nurse will hand you a sterile container in which your urine will be sampled. Urine passed in half-jet is necessary for getting a good result. We will provide explanations in order to make the half-jet urine collection. Then the analysis and the urine culture will be sent to our laboratory.

What about the result ?

If the urine culture result is positive for urinary infection, it will be completed by an antibiogram in order to determine the appropriate antibiotic for your case.

If the result is negative, it will confirm that there is no urinary infection or any bacteria present in the urine.

The usual term for obtaining the urine culture result is 48 to 72 hours. Then it will be sent by fax to your physician. If you want a copy for your personal medical file, we can send it to you by email, by fax or by regular mail.

Perscription & Insurance

All our tests require a medical prescription recommended by any practicing doctor in the province of Quebec.

These prescriptions are necessary in order to proceed with either test and we urge that all medical requests originating from offices or clinics be duly identified.

All medical analysis requested by your doctor are reimbursed by a majority of private insurance companies!